Thanks for allowing “Get’em In Tha Game” the opportunity to help you through the student athlete journey!  Understanding that scholarships are not always earned, but found through spiritually driven goals, good grades, baseball fundamentals, practice, patience, and last but not least, having the faith to believe in your future!

IMG_3134Making the first step towards your future goals, starts with YOU.  Your travel team coach, high school coach, athletic director, or any college coach will not afford you the time and dedication to your future, that you deserve!

The journey for most student athletes usually starts when mom and dad tell you, “You are playing baseball, football, basketball, tennis, wrestling…” probably before you even knew how to spell the sport.  Up u

ntil this point, your parents have directed, pointed, guided, ordered… you name it, they provided your direction.  From the time you enter high school, most parents loose the control they once had over you.

Now it’s time for you to create your Own Personal Journey!  Just like any job, there will always be an Interview (Try Out), Start Date (1st Game), Fellow Employees (Team Members), and a Boss (Coach).  From this time forward, get used to these comparisons.  If you decide to play a sport in High School or College, or decide to go to school and work, you will encounter each of the above comparisons.  At this time in your life, you must set a beacon or goal and work to that goal.  Student & Worker or Student & Athlete.  Your parents can no longer make this decision for you!  They can support you; spiritually, emotionally, financially, but most importantly you must give them a goal and provide a plan!!!

This is where we come in.  Get’em In That Game was discovered by all the mistakes

we made as parents and student athletes in the past.  Watching other student athletes make it to the college ranks, forced us to focus on our last student athlete, and document the steps we took to support him in his own personal journey!  We wasted a ton of money in travel teams, gym memberships, 100+ games per season… you name it, we did it.  Now that we have learned the hard way, we want to pass on to you and your family, the right way to “Get’em In Tha Game,” without breaking the bank, or breaking the kid’s arm, trying to get there!